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We love building and rebuilding brands.
Using management concepts and realworld expertise, we help companies grow in a way you’ll never forget.

Who We Are

Capital Edge Consulting is an innovative consultancy outfit based in The Gambia, serving the entire West Africa sub-region with expertise in Management, Consultancy, Training, Capacity Building,Trading, Advisory and Management Services Project and IT Consulting for both the private and public sectors. We also have operations and affiliates in the United States, United Kingdom and Nigeria.
The consortium consists of investment bankers, Management Specialists, IT Consultants, trading and construction conglomerates who are solely dedicated to directing and delivering a quality and dynamic world class solutions to your investment while providing strategic investment, management & business consultancy services.
Our training employs the services of experienced international trainers, consultants and researchers with up-to-date knowledge combined with extensive hands-on practical experience having worked in over 50 countries combined. We work in partnership with our clients in developing capacity, in retaining it, and in effectively using it to achieve their respective development objectives.


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Our services span across all the focal points of worldclass management and consulting concepts

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We are motivated and inspired every day by the way our customers use our strategies to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and be able to achieve what's most important to them. We aim at sustaining our business with the right services and believe our core business divisions offer the greatest potential to serve our customers. We seek new opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary solutions, through our creativity to find unexpected and practical ways to solve problems. Our experience, technology, and perseverance enable us to overcome challenges and deliver value

Our Services

Leadership & Management Development

Our Strategy

Who is it for?
Managers and heads of institutions who want to explore cutting-edge leadership tools and strategies for enhancing overall organisational performance and take time out to reflect on how they can maximise their impact on the organisations they lead.

What is it about?
Our high-level series of intensive leadership and management development programmes are run in The Gambia, with participants from the sub region, and are conducted in two formats to meet varied needs and priorities. One version is offered as a two-week intensive programme, and another is available on a modular basis spread over a 12 month period. This programme is designed as a “Master Class” within which participants can take time to reflect on all the dynamics and potentially conflicting priorities with which are faced day-by-day.
Modules includes;
1. Advance Communication – Presentation & Report Writing
2. Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
3. Performance & People Management
4. Strategic Planning & Management
5. Budget Management Strategies

Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Strategy

We develop and implement Monitoring & Evaluation plans with results indicators for adequately monitoring projects, and provide reporting on project implementation in terms of funds utilized, activities implemented, results obtained and difficulties encountered. We ensure that projects are in compliance with the key performance indicators and manage risks by ensuring that;
1. Projects remain in line with the policies, procedures and broader development goals and show development outcomes and project success;
2. The projects’ operational effectiveness live up to standards and deliveries as expected;
3. Problems and deviations from agreements and project plans are detected at an early stage and necessary action is taken to remedy the situation;
4. Lessons learned are incorporated into project and portfolio management and into screening, appraisal and structuring of new project proposals.
Our monitoring and evaluation exercises can be done in partnership and in support of your M&E Unit, and quarterly ‘on the ground’
evaluation are carried out on projects being implemented and in-depth assessment reports produced. Annual assessment reports are also produced.

Organisational Development

Our Strategy

Distinguished by our ability to transfer knowledge and skill, we apply changes in the strategy, structure, and processes of an entire organisational system that is capable of carrying out more planned change in the future, including leadership, group dynamics and work design. We manage planned change, in a flexible manner that can be revised as new information is gathered, and involve everybody within an organisation in the creation and the subsequent reinforcement of change. We improve organisational effectiveness by helping members of the organisation to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to solve problems by involving them in the change process, and by promoting high performance including financial returns, high quality products and services, high productivity, continuous improvement and a high quality of working life.

Communication Strategy Planning & Delivery

Our Strategy

We develop effective communication and dissemination strategies of donor and public funded projects with the sole purpose of formalising and document how information and results from projects are disseminated and to who. We use information dissemination strategies to act as a catalyst for positive, effective, and appropriate change, expanding the general body of knowledge and providing a foundation for other developmental projects to build upon. Our well executed dissemination are also meant to influences policy and decision makers and, of course, helps to avoid projects duplication.
The exercise of developing communication strategy that we follow includes;
• Identification of relevant stakeholders;
• Identification of routes of communication and media to be used;
• Provision of a framework and schedule for dissemination; and
• Implement sustainable dissemination.


Our Strategy

We have over 20 years of experience in the planning and delivery of Business Applications and Technology solutions. Through a proven methodology, we offer end-to-end services across applications lifecycles. We understand technology and have the industry expertise, business process experience, systems and software knowledge to design and deliver the right solutions at the right cost for our customers. Some of our areas of expertise include:
• IT Service Management & Delivery
• ERP Systems
• Database Development & Management
• Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
• System Integration

Management Consulting

Our Strategy

Feasibility and market studies, privatization, impact assessment studies, capacity building, project design appraisal and management, as well as policy formulation and assessment. Solving issues, creating value, maximizing growth and improving the business performance of our clients and investors. We implement different strategies, structures, management and operations of any proposed business.

Financial Advisory Services

Our Strategy

We provide clients with advice on financial matters, making recommendations on ways to best utilize their money by conducting in-depth reviews of clients’ financial circumstances, current provision and future aims . We also analyse financial reports for viable project and business by adhering to strict financial industry rules. This also includes researching the marketplace and advising clients on products and services available with set budgets, ensuring they are aware of and understand those that best meet their needs, and then securing a sale

Business Advisory Services and Consultancy

Our Strategy

We have a long term commitment of helping our customers realize their full potential through:
• Evaluating the viability of potential business projects
• Collaborating with affiliates and preparing budgets for business and advice on efficient performance
• Reviewing business plan to present to investors and business organizations for funding
• Analyzing all issues and performs risk analysis to mitigate all risks
• Develop methodology for affiliates and corporate and provide necessary support to the business proposed

Investment Management

Our Strategy

We not only offers investors the opportunity to obtain good returns on their investments, it also provides a much-needed service to its clients by helping them choose which mix of assets to invest in and trusted projects to put their money into along with: • Additional investment management services such as portfolio management • Equity fund management • Mergers and acquisition services • Investment decisions

Retained Services (Administrative services)

Our Strategy

• We effectively represents a liaison between Regulators, Contractors, Government and its Agencies • Links between the private and public institutions which have dealings within the West coast region • Acts on behalf of investments or business in all administrative matters • Delivering regular reports and feedback's


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Have you got a great idea, a need or a concept you will like us to help you execute?
Why not drop us a mail or give us a call

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Have you got a great idea a need or a concept you will like us to help you execute?
Why not drop us a mail or give us a call.

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